Studiekeuze Bootcamp®: Helping you choose your study

You are faced with an important decision in your life: which study should you pursue? You may already know what field of study you are interested in, but can’t decide between the numerous specific options, or you may have absolutely no idea where to start. We are happy to help you with this process.
With so many possibilities, how do you find the study program that is the perfect fit for you? The Studiekeuze Bootcamp® will take you through the process of making the right choices for your education.

Studiekeuze bootcamp®: Your top 5 study choices in half a day

The Studiekeuze bootcamp® method is practical, personal, and concrete. In half a day we find your personal study top 5 and a choose-your-study action plan. Through this you will get to understand yourself better. What motivates you, what your talents are, and how can you maximize the use of these talents. Besides following your passion or interests, we also take prospective careers and employment opportunities into consideration.
The starting point of the Studiekeuze Bootcamp® is the Student Profile Analysis from Thomas Education. It is an evidence-based behaviour assessment based on the DISC theory. It shows 4 different factors of behaviour in how people respond to different situations and how they approach different tasks and assignments. These main profile factors are Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Compliance (DISC). People’s behaviour results from how these factors interact. There is no right or wrong in any of these approaches, as different activities require different types of people.

Studiekeuze bootcamp®: How does it work?

• First you fill out the Student Profile Analysis (SPA) questionnaire and you receive your report before the Studiekeuze bootcamp. This report gives you an insight in who you are, what motivates you and what tasks come naturally to you.
• During the bootcamp itself we discuss your student profile and look at your talents, curriculum, and interests.
• We zoom in on different studies that fit your profile. By taking a closer look and discussing these studies, we then reduce your options into a top 5.
• Your top 5 study choices forms the basis for your choose-your-study action plan. This plan contains all the actions needed to reach your final decision. You will enroll in open days and talk to people who can give you relevant background information.
• During the execution of your plan and your decision-making process, you can always reach out to us for additional guidance.

Studiekeuze bootcamp®: Practical information

First, we plan a short phone call to assess your situation and to briefly get to know each other. Then we schedule the bootcamp and you will receive all relevant information to prepare for the bootcamp. We prefer to do the Studiekeuze Bootcamp® face-to-face but an online bootcamp is also possible. The all-in investment is € 549, – incl. VAT).

Your coaches:

Sandra Thijssen (Haarlem): 06-20611884,
Linda Witte (The Hague): 06-11335573,

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